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AG Investigations has several  NEW departments to assist in providing your company with the best solution possible. We have a new MIU (Medical Investigations Unit) who searches medical records, pharmacy records. This department can properly identify fraud, locate “red flags”, and develop a comprehensive report of a claimant’s medical history. This can lead to establishing a proper time-line of injuries, relevant to reported dates of injuries.

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AG Investigations is a licensed, insured & bonded Investigative Company. Who provides Surveillance & Investigative Solutions for; Insurance Carriers, Claims Administrators, Fortune 500 Companies, Self-Insured Entities, and Governmental Organizations.

It’s founder Michael P Andrews recently authored “The Modern Professional Investigator” which will be launched on December 30, 2014. Get to know who he is as a person, his life, and stories of claims investigations.

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Our DIU Digital Investigative Unit can complete our comprehensive Blue Print reports that provide clients with fast and accurate digital information of claimants. This includes social media, criminal history, pending litigation, address history, and department of motor vehicles information. Yet another tool to assist adjusters in making real-time investigative decisions and surveillance feasibility.

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