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AG Investigations is a licensed, insured & bonded Investigative Company. Who provides Surveillance & Investigative Solutions for; Insurance Carriers, Claims Administrators, Fortune 500 Companies, Self-Insured Entities, and Governmental Organizations

- A National Provider, With Proven Results -

Insurance claims investigations and Surveillance are our specialty. We are licensed by The New York State Department of State, and are fully insured to protect our clients. AG Investigations is rapidly growing and becoming the go-to company for Insurance Claims Investigations.

With over 30 years of investigative experience the partners and associates at AGI are ready to provide you with true comprehensive solutions. As a client results driven industry we strive daily to maximize results for our clients. Combating fraud is our primary focus; however, we have extensive experience in assisting corporate managers with mitigating costs.

Our associates include former federal agents, military officers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, adjusters, corporate business managers, just to name a few. We have the resources to manage your claims investigations and provide you with results. With top-notch surveillance investigators we will secure the video you need. With long time SIU investigators we can provide you with the best results possible for all of your claims investigations.

AG Investigations has several NEW departments to assist in providing your company with the best solution possible. We have a new MIU (Medical Investigations Unit) who searches medical records, pharmacy records. This department can properly identify fraud, locate "red flags", and develop a comprehensive report of a claimant's medical history.

Our DIU Digital Investigative Unit can complete our comprehensive BluePrint reports that provide clients with fast and accurate digital information on claimants. This includes social media, criminal history, pending litigation, address history, and department of motor vehicles information. Another tool to assist adjusters in making real-time investigative decisions and surveillance feasibility.

Risk SolutionsAGI Risk Solutions

AGI Risk Solutions
AG Investigations has started a new division AGI Risk Solutions.
We provide Pre-Employment Background Checks, Drug Testing (including DOT). We also have developed a team of Risk Managers to now assist clients in developing Safety Plans, and implement Operational Accident Procedures to gather evidence on your claims immediately after the fact. In Law Enforcement there are first responders, however, before the first responders can arrive at a scene they have been trained to implement highly organized procedures on collecting evidence, and processing a an accident. We help corporate partners in developing these plans to ensure that the evidence and information is collected in a standard manner. Much of the evidence in insurance claims is gathered immediately after the fact, therefore, it is vital to mitigating costs that this information is gathered in an intelligent manner.


BluePrint Launched Would you want your home built without a blueprint? How about a skyscraper? Everyone knows to build anything today, you need a blueprint. Surveillance is no different. To build a successful surveillance you need BluePrint! BluePrint is a service now officially offered by AG Investigations. We monitor social media, google, and a complete on-line BluePrint of the subject's of your investigations. Once information such as Facebook pages are located, and found to be active, we monitor those for 60 days and provide you with updates! Recently we had a case with a Workers Compensation Claimant, we monitored his Facebook, obtained information about her whereabouts, and the sales she was promoting. Through BluePrint we successfully obtained evidence that our clients used to retract their settlement offer, and now we are pursuing fraud. Contact us now to begin your first BluePrint, and see what the buzz is all about!

GPS Technology

AG Investigations - GPS tracking of each field investigator. With this GPS technology application, our clients can be assured our investigators are at the location they are supposed to be. Integrity is our most important personal objective when developing relationships with our clients. This GPS technology application is one significant way to help build your continued confidence in AG Investigations.


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